My Little Blog

Yeap I am neglecting this little blog again and really have no excuses.
Recently I have recently found out that a few people have learn’t alot about Cape York though this blog and even followed us before they moved here. I have to admit I was kinda excited to know anyone is following here on my Little Blog…….let alone that I helped in some small way to make their transition easier.

So because of that I thought I would try my hardest to update here on a more regular basis. I really had no idea people would want to hear about our everyday.

Also if there is anything you would like to know about, PLEASE let me know by sending me email or go over to the facebook page and I will to my best to do a blog post about it.

Keep Safe and Love every day

Hello My Name is Jack and I happen to have Down Syndrome

So most of you by looking (or not) at my Second Eldest son’s picutres would of likely realised he has Down Syndrome…….I do not talk about it much because well, its really a NON issue for us for the most part. Well that was until recently when all over the so called modern world a movement to make kids like Jack a thing of the past started to build a small amount of support.
I am not going to go in to right now, but it woke me up, it made us as parents realise that if we make DS a non issue people will not only not see Jack for Jack but, also not see him as the amazing vibrant teenager that he has become…….
We personally think that parents being offered a “choice” earlier and earlier in pregnancy need to see that DS for the most part is really only a very small part of who our kids are…….SO I am going to document Jacks life more, I have also started a facebook page Called ******Hello WORLD – Jack Speaking****** I will put a link to it up shortly.

Jack really just lives a ordinary life, but I guess that is just what alot of expectant parents want to hear/see.

So come join us on the facebook, share it with your friends……and lets Celebrate being having Down Syndrome and lots of ordinary!!

Jacks Second Place Medal from a triathlon he recently competed in.

Jacks Second Place Medal from a triathlon he recently competed in.

Keep Praying for Bede!

Bede is a beautiful precious 4 month old baby boy who has Brain Cancer. Chemo is not working and he needs a miracle……please spread the word about this amazing little boy and his amazing family

Please Tweet about him with the Hash tag of #teambede

and remember LIFE is so precious and short…….life for every moment,

Hugs Nicki

Life with a Human and Furry Toddler!

Life here is a dirt loving kids paradise……not to mention a puppies paradise.
SO I shouldn’t of been surprised when I found Miss Boo and Miss Macy doing something that I am sure all toddlers like to do…..dig in dirt,

That grin says it all

Yes Miss Boo your sprung……

Blog My 2 Toddlers 2

And Miss Macy you can just stop looking so innocent

blog my 2 Toddlers 3

Just another day in our life with a human & Furry toddler! hehehehe!

Life really is amazing…….enjoy every moment of it.
Hugs Nicki….